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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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a moment of truth for syria the last deadline passes for the regime and rebels to lay down their arms as mosque you accuse itself warns dates of hampering the u.n. peace deal. predatory payday loans careful british banks back into the spotlight with critics up in arms over crippling interest rates and allegedly deceptive marketing tricks. and aiming high russian scientists plan a foothold on the road by step wishing a permanent lunar base within the next decade before turning their gaze to mars.
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ninety m. in the russian capital you're watching r t r marina joshie a ceasefire deadline in syria has passed with the regime remaining the only party in a conflict and firm it is pulling back its military there are no reports of major violence so far but russia remains concerned that it's called for some powers to put pressure on the rebels have fall on deaf ears are his get it she can explain. the g eight ministers are meeting at a very important juncture is the fate of the u.n. and arab league envoy kofi annan peace plan that is now at stake the syrian government says they are committed to the plan russia stands with mange the same and that is all parties must lay down their arms it's important to note that the syrian opposition hasn't come up with a common joint response but for a cease fire to work all sides need to commit to it president assad said he will stick to the plan but will reserve the right to respond to terror attacks the
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russian foreign minister said that in that situation it's important to have monitors to verify what's the situation on the ground. if you should and that's why the presence of independent monitors on the ground is very important. as far as the rhetoric between the u.s. and russia it's tense to say the least secretary of state hillary clinton said russia's refusal to support quote unquote constructive action by the u.n. security council on the crisis in syria is keeping its president bashar al assad in power u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice went even further saying russia and china have quote blood on their hands for refusing to go along with an intervention in syria their policy makers here who are very pro intervention and they tend to blame russia for all that's happening in syria at least in their public statements in the meantime moscow's pushing for a political solution with a dialogue between the opposition and the government whereas the u.s. and the u.k.
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for example and the arab league cans to prompt the syrian opposition not to hold any talks with president assad and to continue fighting the sensually even as if they say they are also for a political solution because it's sort of trying to influence the syrian opposition meetings with the opposition inside the country and the exiled opposition but it's absolutely clear that some of our international partners tell them different things and prevent the opposition from making any concessions this is room still so there's a lot of roth also warned western and arab nations against arming syrian rebels saying quote even if the syrian opposition is armed to the teeth it will not be able to defeat the syrian army and the bloodshed will go on for years and of quote bennett she can reporting there neil clark and journalist and contributor to the britain's guardian newspaper says kofi annan plan did little to stop foreign states
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from both during the rebels and putting the blame on the else and government. it's interesting to hear that the west response because the the onus now is on the western powers and on saudi arabia and all turkey that it's on those countries that are backing opposition to tell them to support the peace the peace plan to stop this talk about arming them stop this talk about regime change and anything to do this we could get peace in syria because we would have a democratic framework to to solve this problem there's two sides to this conflict obviously the west is the trade this conflict is it it's only the that the assad regime which is to blame the violence of course that's not true and just imagine if this was happening in america imagine if say the syrian government was backing opposition to president obama and the american government talking about arming them financing them and you know what would be the american government's response and so you know what's been going on in syria is an attempt by outside powers to bring
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about violent regime change. you know peace plan you know has to be accepted by both sides but i'm afraid the rhetoric from the west british foreign secretary calling for assad to go before war crimes trial is a very helpful. well there are mace opinions around the world on the syrian crisis but today we want to know whether you think complete ceasefire is likely to be respected that's the question we're asking in today's poll at our team dot com here's what we have so far well let's see the majority. which is forty two percent i want to give you a chart now are skeptical saying the s. and c. will push for another levy the second largest group that is thirty four percent think neither asa nor the rebels will back down twenty one percent to say cease fire is a possibility if the rebels lay down their arms and the minority so far which is three percent thing down international pressure will work so log on to our website are here and let us know what you think on this issue.
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coming up later in the program here in our t.v. electoral disillusionment that's five to twenty people competing in the presidential race in egypt trust is at a minimum for the candidates with songs here you spell it on some of the father. and the global financial crisis one man's laws is another man's game while millions struggle to get by there are others seeing and grasping an opportunity for profit or u.k. correspondent laura smith reports on the predatory banking schemes taking advantage . all explain who won the dot coms have eaten it all sounds so easy and it is in ten minutes payday loan companies handout short term loans to tide you over till you get your paycheck but kelly smith knows this short term solution can become a long term trap atika. then basically what happened next
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is our private hundred pound robyn's of about one hundred sixty so not only are. the more properly have anyway i'm already sixty quid so in my own money that i would have heard it's all gone so when young women are stuck in before that was no struggle to us compared to what we do with this month until recently payday loans with the preserve of the desperate last easy no questions asked cash the catch punitive interest rates in some cases a staggering one thousand seven hundred percent a year because according to a report by accountants pricewaterhouse coopers in these times of economic hardship with traditional credit like cards and bank loans harder to come by payday loans are becoming part of the fabric of the u.k.'s economic society the only growth sector in the consumer credit market what's happening in the current economic
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climate is that people of new credit card good people don't want. to leave because they're worried about the future income street jobs so the ability to borrow just the money you need for sure. many people are finding much more advanced ages would rather have long term good on credit cards advantageously maybe if you pay it off straight away but high interest rates and extortionate late charges can make it impossible for people on low incomes to pay off their debts according to research by the debt or trust people oh we'll. breeched world hard to power at forty percent of the borrowing but it's paid the basic living cost even more worryingly mooste cost orage a payday loan company to pay off i love that payday go company now the average payday barua has from different companies and they're constantly targeted by that.
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somehow managed to get my number off this one company these are the different margins ticks to me and say hi kelly do you want to do one of my line use we've accepted use the chance to get your loan and and it's all these different companies texting me enormously really because i think. why would you want to get somebody in ten. months later kelly's still trapped in a vicious cycle of debt she doesn't know how she's going to get out of it you have to go cold turkey to get out of so i can. contact you to. ok can you afford to do that would you be able to afford to. laura smith r.t. kept. i was here so far been relatively good for the e.u. with the euro crisis appearing to simmer down but that may be about to change after an extremely poor showing of a spanish government an option i tried various data herbert's with more on that had some thirty g.m.t. . a flood of easy money courtesy of the european central bank made for
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a calm start to twenty twelve what a poor spanish bond sale last week signals it may have only been a law before the debt storm breaks analysts warn think of it more as a debt fund do really with that you take a country like greece you stick it on the farm do fork and you dip it into the debt and then you serve it up to god and j.p. morgan. all this debt fondue is great now spain is being thrown into the depth on new. age of first presidential polls since the fall of former leader hosni mubarak next month offers the hope of a first step on the way to democracy but broken promises dirty political tit for tat and candidates and figures bad grounds suggest can change is still some way off as a renegotiation are reports. the list is long but the choice need limits is with just
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a little over a month before the crucial presidential polls convene is off to start the liberal candidates believe this election is lighter than determining whether the egyptian revolution will sing or swim in the fold are today to revolutionize cities transitional period and it's not clear whether it will reach its final destination in skills or freedom and social justice haven't been breached she ends. electoral commission will have to sift through more than twenty names and a list of those who applied for the country's top job but they aren't the ones faced with the crucial choice because if you have a choice. but i know you have the feeling for the job of the i'll sit at the bar and not know how far it is probably something out of the way some of the last things you think everything from the fire on the right and the up i think.
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it's all good we don't really a problem people are moderate people of various cleared of the islamists who have been unleashed deliberately by. by their military stupid people would have. to be people ship or dog instruments the people ship the muslim brothers his freedom and justice party or he already holds the majority of seats in the country starlin's and promise to abstain from the presidential elections later backtracked in their words then the question of whether he staunched with this is that this may be successful in giving the egyptians civil liberties and freedoms they demanded it's one of the f.t.p. members disembarks in washington d.c. last week for charm offensive unfolds western politicians and media to prove sharia law does not mean a return to the talking yet many are skeptical of the series. if indeed this is an ideological stupidly perrie an organization
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a measure of the communist party when's that america and says we were not. imposed will be missed but we would respect the companies who would believe such a thing you mean something like they're practically but not in parliament to become powerful he would follow the program. former prime minister foreign minister interests are hardly the better option. than things that work this is there that is i see this whole like a plea. just because from the sky something. that you are going to run for the seat just in a fleeting play with the lives of these. so i don't want to be in this place i don't want to look like a day when she's. saying i'm not going to give you each. and the much that it does into the election in egypt in nature and distance to. you
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kind of isn't it it's. now one can pressure iran to abandon peaceful nuclear energy about it and fails to cooperate with foreign powers it could find itself isolated that's the opinion of former u.s. security adviser general james earl jones who shared his outlook on global politics with us much the full interview next hour here in r.t. but here is a look. iran. should have access through peaceful nuclear power if they wish and if you run seriously once through. play according to the game but play for the rules that all of us play by. signing the documents that. guarantee a certain behavior. there's no reason. iran could not. go to require a power for peaceful use so you know to me the. pressure
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of the responsibility and it's not upon russia or the united states through to. make iran do anything that it doesn't want to do it's up to iran the say you know we want to be like north korea ten years from now living in a world wide solution. russian space scientists are preparing the next giant leap for mankind with ambitious goal of gaining a foothold on the moon within ten years you know it's been sort of a daring project coincides with the fifty first anniversary of the very first manned space flight artists are part looks at the chances of success. to put a man on the moon and keep him there that's the aim for space exploration in the coming decade according to a plan unveiled by moscow's academy of sciences' choice what will this but what mankind cannot stay where it is now for a long time we have been successful in exploring near earth space it's time to move
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beyond that. goal is to put on manned rovers on the moon by two thousand and twenty with landing stations established by twenty twenty two which will start the process of building a permanent manned base there have them in it who is that all well say scientists we actually know surprisingly little about our closest cosmic neighbor and the consensus is we should try and prove our skills and science as close as possible to home before attempting any bigger leaps vast quantities of frozen water have been discovered under the moon's surface taken there by billions of years worth of collisions with asteroids and what might not be all we find if we look carefully organic samples may have been preserved in comets in a frozen state it's impossible to investigate them from afar so we should deliver those samples back to earth in the control rooms there have been serious questions
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about whether we can technically manage a moon base the past year has seen a catalog of errors including a supply rocket on its way to the international space station plunging back to earth and an unmanned mars exploration rocket falling from orbit we're still using technology from the decades of the space race from the fifty's to the eighty's so scientists and new ships have been taking too long to arrive. until we get these new ships we will have problems also many of the people with the knowledge of good old models and no longer with us and the younger generation doesn't have that knowledge so for now sticking with the moon it might be ambitious enough. some tentative mars missions as well as the world remembers the pioneers who made it up to space in the first place those in charge of course mixed race and want to start marking the breakthroughs of the past and start making some of the.
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well space entrepreneur believes the moon explorer ration offers unlimited opportunities for mankind only three nations have the space and now companies are trying to do it and that's a big difference pharmaceutical research growing different process season materials on the reduced gravity on the moon maybe you set something up on the far side that really can look what scientists i'm sure you can get. to jump on a rocket ship and spend five years on the far side of the moon i've got plenty more on our website aren't you know calm don't hesitate to log on for the latest stories here's a taste of what's there for you right now. powerful past aside used as a chemical weapon in the vietnam war has been approved safe for armor. now we offer us the new wayne wonder brand new dreamliner you can check out this futuristic wind machine on my teeth dot com.
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good leverage sure. to build on these most sophisticated robots which on fortunately doesn't do the job the found anything change mission to teach me relational why it should care about you and. this is why you should. only. now a look at some of the stories from around the world so it could offer you a second son of the late libyan leader says he's here to defend himself in court against war crimes charges is currently being held in the city in the west of the country where a local militia men are reluctant to hand him over to the central government last week the international criminal court rejected libya's request to postpone transfer to the hague. greece has had made six as that they'd for an early parliamentary election came from the country's current prime minister lucas papademos following
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a decision to solve the legislative body campaigning is likely to the. already be seen as a test for the bailout plan designed to rescue greece's debt or economy in order to secure the deal from the e.u. the government imposed have yesterday measures causing massive protests. thousands of miners and construction workers are taking to the streets of believe the demanding a wage increase they call for more to give between the government and trade unions as they say the country's current pain policy doesn't compensate for soaring food prices in march follows a strike by health care workers unhappy with the decision to increase their working day to eight hours. and now on a lighter note would like to show you this video from a russian motorist recorded by his dashboard camera and it's definitely something you want to see again for a while well and ordinary drive quickly turns ugly with a driver in our alleviating to oncoming cars only to find himself spinning out of
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control towards a speeding truck with a block or reflexes the car winds are drifting around the truck and even right itself. hard to imagine what was going through the mind of the driver there but he certainly won't be forgetting that morning commute any time soon. what's not to dive into the world of business with a target and markets in russia and europe still closed. and what's happening in asia now because trading there is in full swing absolutely and asia is posting a modest gains at the moment mainly in sympathy with what was happening on wall street on wednesday and more on that in just a minute but at the moment let's see the asian numbers as you can see in tokyo the nikkei is getting less than four percent the us pretty stable so that's benefiting supporters and as usual and then saying is putting on one of the one percent let's
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now move on to the u.s. markets as i mentioned wall street had a pretty good day on wednesday the down managed to ended five session losing streak a couple of factors there first italian and spanish bond yields fell which offered support to equities not only in europe but also in the united states and the old school reported better than expected results most expected a loss but it actually came out with a profit which was good news and today most will watch google results very closely and we'll also see a weekly jobless claims which people will be monitoring to make sure that the u.s. economy is on track for recovery and all is fly at this hour as you can see there it's a very choppy trade today a couple of factors again one is on wednesday we saw that here u.s. stockpiles actually fell much more than expected last week but at the same time
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crude in the tories are on the rise which is why oil is under pressure and this thursday morning and iran tractions continue of course this week we're expecting the country to come out with new proposals to ease concerns over its nuclear program will keep that. and i'll bow out and stay with the energy sector russia's oil major rosneft and gals producer i terra have received the green light from russia's anti-monopoly watchdog to join forces they'll create a gas venture which should as a daily says will be set up as a water rights national get a controlling stake and tara in return for access to its gas deposits analysts say within a few years the joint ventures production could match that of the country's second largest gal's company a no over tax and let's now move on to the currency markets at the moment the dollar is
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a lower against the euro and on wednesday the russian ruble was the stronger against the major currencies we'll see how the situation develops when the russian markets reopen in one hour so i'm speaking on behalf of markets on wednesday had a pretty good session let's see those numbers here they are as you can see the r.t.s. and m i six both gain more than half a percent move the optimism came from the speech of president elect and he said the russian economy is doing very well it has fully recovered from the crisis of two thousand and eight two thousand and nine he says it's the fastest growing economy among the g g eight nations and he expects it to be within the top five in three years my and i can tell you will be watching that very closely absolutely will no doubt things are large indeed for your help and on day well that's it from you for now and we'll take a look at the headlines very shortly and after that our interview show spotlight is coming your way stay with us.
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on the run. this is street still keeps its secrets but now it's time to feel. some good science and see some. swells the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution of the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spreading. will continue to be in the more than hundred thousand
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people it's been chronically in the. last minute that the children see that children today are ten times more likely to be born to left index and children and innocent. people in the scene as little as five hundred dollars lifelong injuries and. unpunished.
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thanks. wealthy british style. is not on the to the. market why not come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with my stronger for a no holds barred look of the global financial headlines tune in to the report. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact.
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before the source material is for hopes if journalism honest we took. we want to present. something else. if. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. shining hope for asians are the day.


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